HVAC Duct Testing - Why?    (large file - 16MB)
Leakage Costs $$ (& Carbon!!) It's the "Green Thing To Do"!
20% Annual Cooling Consumption (for 144(k) system), which is:

  • 3,600 GWh
  • 1.25 million lbs of carbon
  • 231,000 trees!

2009 HERS White Paper
Applicability of Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Programs to Reduce Air Leakage and Energy Consumption in Nonresidential HVAC Systems -
James E. Woods, Ph.D., P.E.

Executive Summary
The primary purpose of the 2008 Nonresidential Standards is “to further reduce growth in electrical and natural gas use and demand in nonresidential buildings while providing improved indoor environmental conditions and reducing greenhouse gasses and other emissions.” To address this purpose, the objectives of this White Paper are to provide an analysis of the impact that the required but limited air leakage testing and validation procedures have on building energy consumption, and to recommend means and methods to improve the procedures that will reduce energy consumption in nonresidential buildings. To achieve these objectives, the Nonresidential Standards and supporting documents were reviewed, other literature was reviewed, and a thermodynamic analysis was conducted.